Blow the candles! Cut the Cake! PlotX marks completion of 1 year on mainnet. Celebrate with an exciting offer

🎉 It’s time for celebration

As the date on the calendar changes to 13th October, we ring in our first birthday. And we don’t plan to celebrate it alone. The party invite is open to everyone.

And as a gift, you get to earn free $PLOT!

Scroll down to the bottom to find out how…

Predict on PlotX & win a custom Axie Starter Team worth $1500!

Play to Earn meets Predict to Earn!

#PredictOnPlotX and stand a chance to win your own Axie Starter Team, aside from your regular winnings every hour!


  1. PlotX will be gifting an entire Axie Starter Team to one lucky person who trades on PlotX between 1st Sep ’21 and 15th Sep…


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