The PlotX Beta, over a 9 day period, has seen close to 200 participants staking over 170,000 PLOT in predictions across all markets. Further, more than 45 unique addresses have staked ~90,000 PLOT in Play Mining.

On the back of this response and the fact that PLOT Heads couldn’t get enough of the Alpha Challenge, here comes —The PLOT Head Beta Challenge!

Eligibility Criteria

Note: Predictions made with…

Do you like to lose? Sorry, stupid question, nobody likes to lose. Well then, do you like to WIN? Sorry, again stupid question, everybody likes to win. Well then, that’s what you’re gonna get in the PlotX Pre-IEO prediction market for the $KOM token! Rewards worth $10,000 for everybody!

PlotX is back with another super interesting prediction market, this time for Kommunitas’ upcoming IEO, and with an interesting twist…

Losing Is NOT An Option!

Every user who participates in the market will get rewarded for it, regardless of the results of their prediction.

These rewards will come from a pool sponsored by the awesome folks…

On 4th June 2021, PlotX hosted a first-of-its-kind prediction market for a crypto asset that is yet to be listed on any exchange.

This marked the beginning of a new vertical within the PlotX ecosystem that:

PlotX hosted a fun AMA session with DragonBite in the PlotX AMA group where we discussed their project, foray into DeFi, the upcoming Pre-IDO prediction market with $BITE & much more. In case you missed the exclusive session, we have put together an extensive transcript of the AMA session.

PlotX: Hi Mickael Costache 👋 welcome to PlotX Community! It is a pleasure to have you with us today. Before we start the rounds of Q&A would love to know about you.

Mickael Costache, DragonBite: My name is Mickael Costache and I’m the CEO of DragonBite. I’m based in New York…

Now #PredictOnPlotX With PLOT, MATIC, USDC, USDT, WETH or DAI


With PlotX v2, one of the key priorities has been to make the user journey within the app as seamless as possible. From gasless predictions to the way funds are deposited, each flow has been designed to simplify the experience of the users.

But it’s not DeFi if we don’t leverage the available money legos to further streamline the user experience 😏

We’re hence, super proud to be the first prediction market to introduce multi-currency support on PlotX!

Users can now make predictions on PlotX using any of the following…


In 2 weeks since the launch of PlotX v2 Polygon:

With the app going strong with cyclic prediction markets we thought of introducing a new dimension, a 1st of its kind, a prediction market for crypto assets that are yet to be listed.

Currently, the assets available on the platform whose value users can predict are:

  1. BTC
  2. ETH
  3. MATIC
  4. BNB
  5. DOGE
  6. SHIB

All assets in the top 30 list by market cap.

The idea with pre-IDO prediction markets, however…


Journey from PlotX v1 to v2

PlotX v1 was launched in October 2020 as a decentralized non-custodial prediction market protocol. It saw an influx of users with a growing TVL of up to $220K in about 2 months of its launch.

However, the user experience was marred due to…

Celebrating the listing of $PLOT on QuickSwap, we are very pleased to announce a $PLOT Trading Contest on QuickSwap, with $10,000 worth of $PLOT up for grabs!

How it will work

Users that successfully trade $PLOT by using the swap function in QuickSwap during the contest period will accumulate points based on their trade amount.

Top 100 traders will share the total prize pool of $10,000 worth of $PLOT. Please note that to accumulate points, one of the tokens traded must be $PLOT (any token → $PLOT or $PLOT → any token). No minimum trade amount.

For every 1 PLOT traded, the user will…

PlotX has partnered with Quickswap to facilitate super cheap, easy and quick DEX trading for $PLOT. The partnership opens avenues to grow $PLOT liquidity and allow users to trade $PLOT at lightning speed with little to no gas fee.

Let’s explore the step-by-step guide on how to provide liquidity in one of the $PLOT pool on QuickSwap:

Who are Liquidity Providers (LP) on QuickSwap?

Liquidity Providers can be anyone who is able to equally supply 2 tokens in a pool for other people to trade against. Each time someone trade’s against the pooled assets, liquidity providers earn a 0.03% fee of the trade. …

The PlotX v2 public testnet is finally here!

The PlotX V2 testnet has been opened to the general public and going by the reviews, users are loving it! With new features making their way into v2, the PLOT Heads community has more than 1 reason to rejoice.

To celebrate this shift from losing sleep over gas fee to a gasless prediction experience, we are announcing PlotX v2 Prediction challenge.

Here’s a chance to put your prediction powers to test and stand a chance to win from a prize pool of $10,000 worth of PLOT over the course of high-octane 2…


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